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Sabbath School Classes


Adult Classes:


Southern Illawarra SDA Church has two Sabbath School groups, the main one begins in the left half of the laurel from 10:30am to 11:15am, it is only a small study group of about 7-12 people. The second group begins at 10:50am to 11:15am in the right-hand side of the Laurel Room, and that is usually for the music team and worship team and those who like coming a little later. Both groups have a decent study, the main one probably goes into more depth and is bigger in numbers, but the second one does alright, it is more like a short summary of the lesson with questions.


Kids & Teen Classes:


This is basically a small combined class at the moment, because it is such a small group. Brother Stephen Lillioja usually teaches this class in the main hall, the Heininger Hall from 10:50am to 11:10am. This class consists of a bible story and arts and craft. This is a really interactive small group that also participates in the Kid’s Story during the Divine Service Program.

Divine Service

Divine Service starts at 11:30am and usually concludes at 12:30pm. It is always filled with informing announcements, inspirational songs of praise and worship and an awe-inspiring message filled with hope, love and joy, with Christ as its centrepiece. After the service we usually host a luncheon, except for the first week of every month as the kitchen is unavailable to us at that time, but when we do have the kitchen those other 3 weeks of the month, we do always encourage people to stay back and fellowship over a delicious meal.

Prayer Groups

Sunday Morning Prayer Meetings:

Every Sunday at 8am, there is a Sunday Morning Breakfast Prayer Group that meets at the Whitehouse Café in Addison St, Shellharbour Village. Everyone is welcome to this, though only a small group actually meet regularly. They usually start off with a short devotional from the Bible or a Devotional Book, then pray over any prayer items or requests that is brought up. Afterward they order and have a breakfast whilst enjoying the morning sea air, as the Café is close to the beach.

Music Ministry

Music Team Rehearsals:

The Music Team meet once a week for rehearsals at Brother Drago’s house, he is the Worship Coordinator. The music team meets at his place after luncheon’s on Sabbath afternoon to rehearse special items or new songs, or songs for special occasions. The music team is a very small group consisting of two vocalists, one guitarist, one guitar/cello player, and one Piano player. Anyone with a passion or talent for music is most welcome to join us, or even if you want to learn, please do come along. Every Sabbath afternoon Drago’s House, meet us at Church for the Address and other details.


Outreach/Community Programs

ADRA Community Pantry Project:

The ADRA Community Pantry Project is on every Wednesday at the Unanderra Community Centre, corner of Factory Road and the Princes Highway. Setup at the venue commences at 10:30am, church members and other volunteers, mainly from the community, help to set up all the tables and unload all the food from our truck. The volunteers break for lunch about 11:45am and by 12:30pm the doors open and serving starts. There is a ticket system in place for those requiring this service, and a $15 per full ADRA bag fee is in place, that is they fit as much as possible into the provided ADRA bag for $15 dollars for the non-perishable items, then they can use their own bags or ours for the fruit, vegetables, bread and frozen food. Serving stops at 2pm and it is usually all packed up by about 2:30pm.

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